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  • ubernaut 1:31 am on August 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Meeting Follow Up 

    It was suggested in toddy’s meeting that we should try to start out by listing out the various components of the wordpress UI/X to try to break this idea into bite sized pieces in order to facilitate exploration of it’s possibilities. I am listing these components in order of impact and adding notes as to the current status of front end access to these features. So without further ado here is my list:

    #1 posts/pages – not possible for most themes
    #2 site title/header/tagline – customizer does this now
    #3 background – customizer does this now
    #4 menus – customizer kinda does this now
    #5 widgets – not currently possible
    #6 themes – not currently possible
    #7 plugins – not currently possible
    #8 settings – customizer kinda does this now
    #9 post/page lists – not currently possible (little benefit)
    #10 users – not currently possible (little benefit)

    Please feel free to correct the order of these or add any missing components or any other notes you might want to add. It was also suggested that we might want to order these in term of technical difficulty, i am gong to leave that part to more qualified people to determine.

    • Davit 1:45 pm on August 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Sounds like you guys will end-up with a mere ui-lifting.

  • ubernaut 10:18 pm on August 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Combined Front/Back End UI 

    Please bare in mind so far i only have the very basics represented here. Basically screens sort of fall into to 2 categories, screens where a front end editing experience make sense and screens where they don’t really. But in keeping with the original notion of merging the front and back ends from a ux standpoint i have mocked up one version each of both basic screens.

    This first screen merely indicates what logged in user might see in order to indicate that they can edit on screen the marker indicated would as i imagine it be a hover effect which shows up on any area that user role has authority to edit:


    The second image shows what the front end post edit screen might look like not sure if the wp-admin sidebar actually belongs here or not but assuming yes. also please ignore the fact that the dashboard item is selected:


    This last image represents what a screen which is not well suited to the inline front end editing experience might look like in order to maintain the unified ux:


    thanks for your time and consideration! comments welcomed!

    • Davit 7:32 am on August 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That’s an interesting idea in general – having the site as one has a document in Mac version of Photoshop let’s say, with administrative blocks hovering on top of it as collapsible and draggable palettes. Although an alteration too dramatic for WordPress to accept as a part of the core I think.

    • paaljoachim 2:37 pm on August 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      (It seems the post I made never came through so I am adding this again)
      Thinking out loud about the Frontend editing process….
      WordPress installed.
      The first thing one sees is the default theme front page. A box up in the right corner to login. The user logs in. The dashboard bar shows at the top. Since it is the first login a link below the login box is seen: “tour the interface.” User clicks and a short video is seen.


      How to select a theme from the front end. Perhaps a link all the way to the right of the Dashboard top bar with the name of “Choose Theme”. Click the link and see a drop down of small thumbnails and at the bottom of the drop down a see additional themes option. As the user moves the cursor over the thumbnails they are automatically bigger to the side of the drop down showing 2-3 fairly lage screenshots with some key info below the screenshots. The user selects a theme and the front end automatically adjusts to show the theme selected.

      Hover over elements on the page an outline is seen and one can click inside and an edit bar is seen.

      Drag elements around to replace.

      Turn on grid to align elements.

      Click directly on an menu link to move to the page.

      At the top Dashboard bar click the +New (OR use the Template button next to it to use an existing saved page) to create a post/page/category.

      A blank page is seen and blocks are seen on the right side (depending on if it is a post/page/category). Main elements – Header, menu, sidebar, content, footer.
      Elements (widgets, shortcodes, block elements all in one).
      One drags the various elements to create the page. Click the save button top right to the left of the login area. Beside it is the copy page button on hover it will say save as template.
      Create a new page – top right – save, copy, use template button.

      A lot of these things can be very similar on the backend and frontend.

      • ubernaut 9:51 pm on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        i like these ideas and agree across the board in terms of possibilities.

    • Stephanie Leary 8:03 pm on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Some existing plugins to look at: Live Edit, Front End Editor, WP User Frontend.

      • ubernaut 9:53 pm on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        thanks for the links will definitely check those out asap!

    • ubernaut 9:55 pm on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      avryl made a post relating to this as well for those of you interested its here:


      Also there will be a meeting to discuss the prospects of this project on irc at the same time as the cancelled #wordpress-dev chat would normally be held at 18:00 UTC August 22nd 2013 on #wordpress-ui

      come one and all and bring your snacks!


    • paaljoachim 9:00 am on August 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I missed it! I made a comment of avryls video on Vimeo. If you can post an update or some kind of recap from the chat that would be nice.

      • ubernaut 3:02 pm on August 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        you didn’t miss anything yet, happening in 3 hours.


    • paaljoachim 4:34 pm on August 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Man sure glad I made that mistake..:) See you there. Btw I have embeded the irc chat area to my own web site using kiwiirc.com:
      I did so since it gave me a better looking interface then what freenode has with their own web chat.

    • ubernaut 9:15 pm on August 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      meeting follow up here comments welcomed!


  • ubernaut 9:56 pm on August 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    using this to p2 post up my initial thoughts and mockups for merging the front end and backend for wordpress

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