Combined Front/Back End UI

Please bare in mind so far i only have the very basics represented here. Basically screens sort of fall into to 2 categories, screens where a front end editing experience make sense and screens where they don’t really. But in keeping with the original notion of merging the front and back ends from a ux standpoint i have mocked up one version each of both basic screens.

This first screen merely indicates what logged in user might see in order to indicate that they can edit on screen the marker indicated would as i imagine it be a hover effect which shows up on any area that user role has authority to edit:


The second image shows what the front end post edit screen might look like not sure if the wp-admin sidebar actually belongs here or not but assuming yes. also please ignore the fact that the dashboard item is selected:


This last image represents what a screen which is not well suited to the inline front end editing experience might look like in order to maintain the unified ux:


thanks for your time and consideration! comments welcomed!