Meeting Follow Up

It was suggested in toddy’s meeting that we should try to start out by listing out the various components of the wordpress UI/X to try to break this idea into bite sized pieces in order to facilitate exploration of it’s possibilities. I am listing these components in order of impact and adding notes as to the current status of front end access to these features. So without further ado here is my list:

#1 posts/pages – not possible for most themes
#2 site title/header/tagline – customizer does this now
#3 background – customizer does this now
#4 menus – customizer kinda does this now
#5 widgets – not currently possible
#6 themes – not currently possible
#7 plugins – not currently possible
#8 settings – customizer kinda does this now
#9 post/page lists – not currently possible (little benefit)
#10 users – not currently possible (little benefit)

Please feel free to correct the order of these or add any missing components or any other notes you might want to add. It was also suggested that we might want to order these in term of technical difficulty, i am gong to leave that part to more qualified people to determine.